Complex laser systems

ALPhANOV designs and manufactures complete laser systems, especially for micromachining and the biomedical field.

Fiber systems

ALPhANOV designs and manufactures fiber optoelectronic systems for various applications, here an optopyrotechnic device for ignition by laser diodes.

Testing of integrated circuits

ALPhANOV offers services in laser testing of integrated circuits: radiation sensitivity, failure analysis, ...

Reliability of optoelectonic components

ALPhANOV is a recognized center of expertise for testing and reliability analysis of optoelectronic components.
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Laser and optical systems

Development of laser and optical systems, from optoelectronic subsystems to complex laser devices.


ALPhANOV brings together expertise in opto-mechanics, electronics, optics, microscopy and lasers.  These skills are put to use to help you design and develop a range of optical, electronics, and laser subsystems and systems.


The activity "optoelectronic subsystems"  encompasses the design, adaptation and evaluation of the reliability of components or assemblies of optoelectronic components, including laser diodes, optical switches and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems ).


Regarding advances in electronics, the highly modular electronics components that were developed for lasers can bring to market innovative solutions to meet new applications.  They can also adapt to your specific needs. Diode control at the sub-nanosecond level is another important topic.


Additionally, ALPhANOV offers design services and development of optical systems.  It can also foster the development of fiber scientific and technical instruments, within collaborative projects or for your own specific needs.


Finally, the development of complex custom laser systems is a recurring activity, so you can apply micro-machining processes within your company, or develop new laser processes within research projects.


Industrial technical means

  • Comprehensive platform for design and simulation of optical systems and laser
  • Wavefront analyzer and laser metrology device
  • UV / Vis / NIR spectrometer covering the range 200 to 1100 nm
  • Autocollimator
  • Image acquisition station


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