Laser microscopy

ALPhANOV designs and develops microscope adaptations to meet specific needs.

Machine vision

ALPhANOV offers its expertise in real-time imaging, in particular for in-line applications.

Optical design

ALPhANOV offers its consulting services in the design and tolerancing analysis of complex optical systems.
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Imaging and vision

Realization of machine vision systems, and imaging. Thermal and infrared metrology.


ALPhANOV has developed know-how and expertise in the field of imaging, of machine vision and of microscopes adaptation.


Engineers and technicians are able to develop components, systems and solutions for thermo-optical characterization and for infrared and thermal metrology. With their partners, the CEA thermal and optics laboratory, the TREFLE laboratory, and the Thermoconcept company, they meet the needs of industry and academia for applications in the fields of non-destructive testing, biomedical imaging, defense and security. They are also actors for analysis applications, eg in the field of artistic works.


They can also develop custom imaging solutions, including machine vision solutions that adapt to the most complex situations: microscopy, low light, hard to reach, or harsh environment, real-time in-line sorting, ... Their industrial partners, including i2S and Proditec companies can complete the innovative solutions developed within ALPhANOV by integrating them into sub-systems and commercial systems.


ALPhANOV has developed an expertise in adapting microscopes, so they can be coupled with powerful pulsed lasers. The laser pulse energy, transported through the microscope objectives, can interact with biological tissues or integrated circuits.


Finally, ALPhANOV puts at your disposal its expertise and equipment resources in the design and simulation of optical systems and laser systems. It also provides manufacturing, test and complete characterization of the systems designed. It can also assist its clients in prototyping and producing small series.

Technical resources

  • Wavefront analyser and laser metrology system
  • Image acquisition system
  • Platform for the design and simulation of optical systems and lasers


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