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Femtoprint distinguished during the EuroNanoForum Congress


The Femtoprint Project was distinguished as one of the Best 10 FP7 research projects in nanotechnologies.

With 1,500 delegates, EuroNanoForum, held in Dublin, June 18-20, is the largest nanotechnology event in Europe. 50 FP7 Research projects were submitted for the “Best FP7 research project” award and the Femtoprint Project was shortlisted among the top 10. The project leaders had the opportunity to highlight the innovative outcomes of the project at the gala dinner.


Femtoprint developed a 3D printer for the fabrication of microsystems in glass with nanometer resolution, in a volume not exceeding that of a shoebox. A large number of users from industry, research and universities, will soon have the ability to produce their own microsystems, rapidly, without expensive infrastructure or expertise. A company should soon be set up in Switzerland to produce and sell Femtoprint modules.

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