Therapeutic process development

SEM image of the edge of a lens capsule cut by laser.

Process testing and validation

An automated micro laser surgery tool is used to validate protocols.

In vivo eye implant adaptation

Changes in the refractive index of the polymers used in the manufacture of eye implants.

Volume microfluidic

Making capillaries in hydrogels

Eye surgery

3D cutting of the eye lens with a femtosecond laser
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Light/living tissues interaction

From the development of new therapeutic methods to clinical trials and pre-industrialization, Alphanov works with you to give shape to your laser projects in biology and in health.


The interest of lasers in the medical field has been demonstrated for ophthalmology, dermatology, or dentistry and commercial therapeutic systems have been used for many years. R & D in these areas consists in developing new techniques and validating the use of new generation laser sources. Meanwhile, R & D is also directed towards expanding to other fields of application: cancer treatment or detection, gene transfer, tissue engineering ... The strengths and performance of the laser tool are then exploited to execute medical acts that are precise, hygienic, safe and reproducible.


ALPhANOV studies new mechanisms of interactions between lasers and living tissue in-house, and it can assist you in your medical projects, from the development of new therapeutic methods to clinical trials and pre-industrialization.


Know-how of its teams covers sub-cellular to hard or soft complex tissues interaction. Its activities include laser assisted bioprinting and laser surgery in ophthalmology or dentistry. Alphanov also has expertise in the machining of implants: change in volume of the refractive index of eye implants, stents manufacturing ...


Thanks to a strong partnership with laboratories and physicians in particular through the link woven with INSERM and the University Hospital of Bordeaux, ALPhANOV can support, develop, give shape, or invent therapeutic solutions based on the use of the latest generation of lasers including femtosecond lasers. Based on its understanding of the interactions between a laser beam and living tissues, and through a large pool of versatile laser systems optimized for handling biological media, ALPhANOV designs and develops processes tailored to the needs of the medical community. Its role ranges from mere backing to its partners' or its customers' investigations, to complete handling of the development of therapeutic procedures: proof of concept, process development, prototyping of optimized medical devices, junction with clinical trials related structures.


  • Studies based on the understanding of the interaction processes between lasers and living tissue
  • Experimental validation with a large pool of laser sources, and of measurement and control instruments
  • Development and characterization of therapeutic procedures
  • Manufacturing of prototypes and small series
  • Support for animal studies and clinical trials

Its proximity to companies developing laser sources and its own expertise in the field enable quick access to the latest innovations, hence it offers a wide choice in terms of pulse duration, wavelength, repetition rate, and beam characteristics.


Some areas and examples of applications:

  • Corneal and cataract surgery
  • Nanoparticles production
  • Laser assisted bioprinting for 3D reconstruction of organs
  • Volume microfluidic
  • Change in refractive index of implants


Technical means:


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