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ALPhANOV aquired a trepanning head

In order to meet the technical requirements of its industrial partners and customers, Technological Center ALPHANOV has just acquired a trepanning head. ALPHANOV can now achieve high-aspect ratio micro holes or holes with custom shapes.

The divergence of the laser beam introduces a natural taper during laser drilling and cutting. This phenomenon limits the maximum depth that can be achieved.


In order to overcome this limitation, ALPhANOV has acquired a state-of-the-art trepanning head including a set of rotating optics (20 000 rpm). This head enables to vary simultaneously both the trepanning diameter and the incidence angle of the laser beam. This equipment can operate with a near-IR beam and pulse duration ranging from few milliseconds to several hundred femtoseconds.


The trepanning head is already operational, so our Engineers are available to meet your technical requirements on challenging tasks such as:


  • High aspect ratio drilling (above 10:1)
  • Drilling and cutting with controlled taper : positive and negative taper, cylindrical hole, variation of conicity along the hole depth
  • Gas-assisted laser drilling for reduced heat affected zone and sidewalls oxidation

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