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ALPhANOV moves within the Institute of Optics of Aquitaine


New facilities will enable it to accomodate industrial partners and to increase co-location of R&D.


ALPhANOV, the optical and laser technological center of the Route des lasers cluster, began its installation in the Institut d’optique d’Aquitaine, which recently opened its doors on the campus of Talence, near Bordeaux. Its new premises, which represent more than 2000 m2, will be able to accommodate all of its teams, previously spread over two separate sites. Its administration, the Laser sources and components department and the Laser and optical systems department are already installed. The larger cleanroom and many experimental halls will thus enable them to conduct more ambitious works. The Laser micromachining department will join the Institut d’optique d’Aquitaine early 2014.


ALPhANOV will be thus able to expand its work to the topics addressed by the research center LAPHIA (Lasers and Photonics in Aquitaine) and within the LP2N laboratory (Laboratoire de Photonique, Numérique et Nanosciences), which is also installed in the Institut d’optique d’Aquitaine. Meanwhile, the work launched in recent months will ramp up : large composites machining , tissue engineering by laser , deployment of an industrialization pilot line.

New facilities will also enable ALPhANOV to further expand its support to the economic development of the Aquitaine photonics industry. In addition to the space occupied by its teams, ALPhANOV can also accommodate partners to strengthen existing projects or encourage the development of new collaborations. In the coming months, several companies will have facilities close to ALPhANOV engineers and technicians: INSERM, Argolight, Cilas, Innoptics, LASEA, Muquans. Meanwhile, the scope of the technological support to the business development will be expanded through joint work with the entrepreneurship training of the Institut d’optique Graduate School (IOGS), another tenant of the new institute.

Benoit Appert-Collin, ALPhANOV CEO, said: " Our installation in the Institut d’optique d’Aquitaine, close to our industrial and scientific partners, will enable us to further expand our co-developments. Meanwhile, the significant increase of the surface of our facilities matches our plans for co-location of R&D and diversification of our areas of expertise."

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