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With the new Cool & Control (CC) diode driver modules from ALPhANOV, single-mode and multimode diodes can now be reliably and securely driven with compact devices.


The single-mode Cool & Control module (CC-S) drives and cools external standard butterfly laser diodes. From single-shot to CW with pulse lengths from 100's of psec to any required pulse burst configuration, its pulses are generated internally or on-demand from a LVTTL signal with ~500ps rise time range and up to 0.5 Amps CW current and 3.5 Amps peak current in the nsec range. (3 Amps CW and 10 Amps peak current High Power version also available upon request) 

  •  Compatible with standard butterfly laser diodes
  • Pulses on-demand from CW to any burst configuration by TTL/LVTTL command
  • Up to 250Mhz repetition rate
  • Down to 500ps rise time
  • Up to 3.5A peak current (10 Amp High current version available on-demand)
  • USB, manual & analog (0-5V) signal peak power adjustement.
  • Smart control (USB interface)



The multimode Cool & Control (CC-M) module allows to control external single or multiple element laser diodes up to 20V-15 Amps. The diode can be stabilized in either ACC (Automatic Current Control) or APC (Automatic Power Control using an external photodiode signal).

  • Drive diodes up to 20V-15A
  • Ultra-stable laser power for short and long term operation
  • Compatible with any type of multimode fiber coupled multiple element laser diodes
  • Up to 80W CW power with new generation diodes
  • Max modulation frequency : 500kHz
  • Highly efficient (>80% from plug)
  • Smart control (USB interface)


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