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ALPhANOV winner of the Innovation Awards of the Enova Paris show


The Enova Paris show Innovation Awards distinguish the best innovations of exhibitors. ALPhANOV is awarded in 2014 in the "Green / Environment" category for its new composite scouring laser process, developed in the course of the Perceval project.

This project, led by SNECMA, aims at reducing the environmental impact of air transport, in particular by introducing new industrial processes and increasing the use of composites, which are lighter and therefore more fuel-efficient materials. As part of this project, ALPhANOV has developed a new laser process for scouring composites from paint or polymers that cover them.


Unlike currently used methods, chemical-based, it is clean, respectful of environment and of the people who implement it. It also doesn’t modify the composite substrate. The process has already been validated on medium surfaces and is now available to any other industry facing such issues. Studies are underway to apply it to larger surfaces, with the same quality.


The development of this process results from the expertise of ALPhANOV’s R&D team, both for the process itself (phenomena occurring during the light-matter interaction, influence of the parameters of the laser beam, methods for the result characterization) and for the laser parameters (accuracy of the wavelength, particular form of the beam, influence of energy and repetition rate).


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