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ALPhANOV finalist of Prism Awards 2015


ALPhANOV was selected amongst the finalists for the Prism Awards, the leading international competition for innovative technologies in photonics in the "Materials and Coatings" category for its process for surfaces nanotexturation by femtosecond laser.

The next Photonics West exhibition will be held in San Francisco from February 10 to 12, 2015. The tradeshow will host its traditional Prism Award ceremony (often dubbed the “Oscars of Photonics”), organized by SPIE and Photonics Media, highlighting the most innovative developments in the photonics market.


The surface texturation process by femtosecond laser, developed by ALPhANOV, has been selected among the three finalists in the "Materials and Coatings" category. Applied at the surface of different materials (e.g. metal or silicon) with particular parameters, femtosecond pulses enable a texturation with nanometer dimensions. Along the line of the focus spot, the matter self-arranges in a wavy structure consisting of humps and valleys called “ripples”. Period and orientation of these ripples can be controlled by the wavelength and the polarization of the light.


This texturation results in new surface properties, like diffractive effects used for anti-counterfeiting or decorative logos for branding, or a deep black finish for marking applications. Wetting properties can also be conferred by inducing super hydrophobic or, on the contrary, a super hydrophilic effect to the surface.



As other laser-based processes, nanotexturation by laser offers many advantages. In addition to being non-contact, it is a one-step process, removing time-consuming pre- and post-treatment and the need for chemicals. With a speed of few second per square centimeter, this process begins to catch interest for industrial applications.


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