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Supported by ALPhANOV, new company Poietis set to take off


Poietis was a winner of the 2014 national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies. Specialized in 3D laser printing of living tissues, the company was officially created on September 25th, 2014.


Its founder, Fabien Guillemot, is a former Researcher at INSERM, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research. Poietis will now develop applications of its revolutionary technology which can create living tissues, thanks to a completely new 3D printer. And these applications are numerous:

  • Manufacture of human skin or cornea models for testing in cosmetics, pharmacy or chemistry;
  • Development of screening models for pharmaceutical molecules;
  • Supply of living tissue for new drug testing;
  • Living tissues printing from patient's cells to solve the problem of rejection of transplants.

ALPhANOV has supported the Poietis project all along the development of the technology: development and production of the first machine, MODULAB, by ALPhANOV’s Engineers and technicians; incubation in its “Espace Entreprises”; support in the industrial project preparation.


Following its official establishment and in order to be able to develop its business, Poietis has left the ALPhANOV’s technology platform to setup its new facilities at the Bordeaux Métropole Bioparc located between the towns of Pessac and Merignac.

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