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ALPhANOV involved in new training courses



ALPhANOV was asked to bring its expertise to participate in educational content and animation of two new courses for industry:


  • The first one, dedicated to laser processes,

is designed for engineers and technicians who are responsible either for developing such methods or for implementing then in their own business. Based on the understanding of the mechanisms of laser-matter interaction, the course covers laser technologies, existing systems and components and the presentation of laser processes and their applications. The second session of this training is planned in Bordeaux, through Pyla, the training center of the Route des Lasers cluster, on March 24-26, 2015.


  • The second course covers the technical preparation and fusion of optical fibers.

The first session is scheduled in Bordeaux via Pyla on January 27-28, 2015. Developed under the educational responsibility of Pascal Dupriez, head of ALPhANOV’s "Laser sources and fiber components" department, it presents in a very practical way the main operations necessary to interface and integrate optical fibers: cleavage, polishing, welding, laser fusion, and control measures.


ALPhANOV’s participation in the definition and animation of these two courses enables it to transfer to the whole of the French photonics sector its expertise accumulated since its creation. For Benoit Appert-Collin, ALPHANOV’s CEO: "The skills of our engineers in laser processes and optical fibers give these trainings a very practical way which is very popular among trainees. Our daily practice of these techniques for the production of components or industrial systems, guarantees them to leave with methods directly applicable to their own applications. "

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