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Specialty optical fibers

You must select and implement specialty optical fibers? Our expertise, our connectors and fittings help you in this sometimes complex task.
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Triggered picosecond laser platform

ALPhANOV introduces a new triggered picosecond laser platform based on a fully fibered innovative design. This platform enabled the development of compact, robust and therefore reliable lasers, at a very affordable cost.


The technology offers triggered picosecond pulses generally synchronized on TTL signal: this provides a more versatile operation than picosecond mode-locked lasers.


This platform is optimized to provide efficient frequency conversion and thus allows laser sources to operate at 1064, 532 or 355 nm, with pulse widths of less than 100 ps. Tests have also demonstrated operation with pulses of shorter duration down to femtosecond, still with a fully fibered deign and with a synchronized trigger.




he combination of high average power (above 50 W), high repetition rate (up to 2 MHz) and pulse energy of up to 50 μJ leads to a family of sources dedicated to numerous applications including: industrial machining for photovoltaic applications, selective ablation, cutting glass or LEDs; nonlinear optics via nonlinear crystals or fibers (supercontinuum generation, for instance).


Examples of performance available through the platform:



1064 nm

532 nm

355 nm

Pulse width

100 ps

80 ps

< 80 ps

Pulse energy

50 µJ

20 µJ

8 µJ

Repetition rate

0 to 2 MHz

0 to 2 MHz

0 to 2 MHz


50 W

25 W

2 W


< 1,2

< 1,2

< 1,2

Pulse stability

< 1% RMS

< 1% RMS

< 1% RMS


Vertical, > 100 :1

Vertical, > 100 :1

Vertical, > 100 :1

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