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ALPhANOV signs technology transfer agreement with Leukos


This agreement, which covers a pulsed laser module, allows LEUKOS to produce a pump system based on the new picosecond laser platform developed by ALPhANOV.

ALPhANOV recently developed a new picosecond laser platform, based on a fully fibered innovative architecture to offer compact and robust lasers. The technology developed leads to the generation of high-power picosecond laser pulses. Along with high reliability, high peak power enables these lasers to meet the needs of applications such as laser micromachining. They are also especially suited for efficiently pumping nonlinear fibers for supercontinuum generation.


This innovation has led LEUKOS, a company based in Limoges and specialized in supercontinuum sources and optical instruments, to be interested in this new platform in order to develop a new pump module for its supercontinuum sources. The integration of this pump module in the supercontinuum sources allows LEUKOS to increase their lasers’ average power that now reaches several Watts of white light with excellent beam quality. This new source is particularly suitable for applications such as microscopy and spectroscopy.


Today, this module is the subject of the technology transfer agreement signed between ALPhANOV and LEUKOS. This agreement will allow LEUKOS, a world leader in the field, to control the production of this strategic module for its new generation of high-power supercontinuum laser sources.

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