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ALPhANOV completes its MultiBoard series with a new synchronization electronic card called Pulse Picker



For three years, ALPhANOV has been developing the ‘MultiBoard’ solution, a set of electronic cards dedicated to control various fiber lasers architectures. Thanks to its modularity, the ‘MultiBoard’ series gives fiber lasers the ability to reach a wide range of features: CW or pulsed, Q –switched or mode-locked operation, multistage MOPA, pulse-on-demand ... Today, our technology center introduces the fifth and last module of the series, a synchronization electronic card called "Pulse Picker".


This card has been designed like the previous ones: it can be used either alone or in combination with one or more other cards of the ‘MultiBoard’ series. It synchronizes an internal or external acousto-optic module and offers the opportunity to develop new functions in fiber lasers, like generating special burst with a given burst shape. You can chain multiple Pulse Picker cards with one another to manage multiple independent outputs.


The ‘MultiBoard’ series is now made up of five cards:

  •  ‘Central card’ that controls up to two single mode laser diodes and six photodiodes and provides a simple way to control on/off/security stages of complex multistage fiber lasers;
  • ‘MMD card’ for multimode diodes driving and temperature regulation;
  • ‘SMD card’ for single mode diodes driving and temperature regulation;
  • ‘Crystal card’ for optical crystals oven temperature control;
  • ‘Pulse Picker card’ for synchronization of acousto-optic modules.


With the introduction of the ‘Pulse Picker card’, ALPhANOV now offers fast integration of these cards in compact and powerful OEM modules with many combinations. Built on more than twenty innovations, the ‘MultiBoard’ series allows laser designers and R&D teams to save time during the design and prototyping as well as to achieve original specifications in a cost-efficient way.

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