ALPHANOV 光学与激光技术中心

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Institut d'optique d'Aquitaine

Rue François Mitterrand

33400 TALENCE – 法国

Tél : +33 524 545 200

电子邮箱 : info@alphanov.com








ALPhANOV, technology center for Route des Lasers competitiveness cluster , was established in 2007 as an association law 1901 by the Regional Council of Aquitaine, the CEA (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies), the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), the University Bordeaux 1 and 2 and the association ALPhA (Aquitaine Laser Photonics and applications). ALPhANOV is supported by the European Union, the State and the Regional Council of Aquitaine in the project contract 2007-2013 State-Region.


ALPhANOV was built, from its inception, on experience in micro-machining  developed by laser platform applications Aquitaine (PALA), which depends on the CELIA laboratory and was implemented by François SALIN.


ALPhANOV received in 2008 the label Technological Resource Centre awarded by the Ministry of Research, for its supporting role in business innovation, especially for SMEs. This certification was renewed in 2012. ALPhANOV also received approval in 2007 for Research Tax Credit (CIR).


ALPhANOV is located on the campus of Talence, in the Institut d'optique d'Aquitaine. Deployed over a total of 2000 m² of offices and technical facilities, it employs about forty researchers, engineers and technology and transfer specialists.


ALPhANOV counts more than 600 contracts completed or ongoing, participation in numerous collaborative projects, from regional to European level, and support in the creation of 10 companies in 5 years. In addition, three patents have been filed on its own or in collaboration with academic partner laboratories.


ALPhANOV Board of Directors is composed of its founding members, of an academic college and of a college of companies. That gives the structure a balance governance between public / private and research / industry. The office is mostly industrial, and is chaired by Philippe METIVIER, General Manager of Eolite Lasers.




Through its ability to mobilize the skills and expertise required in the fields of optics and lasers, ALPhANOV acts as a "technological amplifier " serving innovative projects in which cooperate research scientists, engineers and laboratory specialists, SMEs and corporate industrial groups.



  • 协助创建和发展公司
  • 协助实验室研究和技术转让过程。
  • 建立合作项目,完善技术,缩短产品的上市时间。
  • 提供光学和激光方面的资源和服务。


ALPhANOV's activities meet your projects' requirements in industrial innovation:

  • Collaborative projects

Development or implementation of products or processes in partnership with companies and research laboratories. Leveraging the expertise and resources of each other, the partners establish contracts based on common objectives and shared returns. A team and a process take hold to achieve industrial projects.

  • Services

Expertise, and technical support to companies, feasibility study of manufacturing processes, or technical services (micromachining, optical design, metrology).

  • Shared equipment platform

Access to shared hardware platform , dedicated resources for companies and laboratories, technical assistance.

  • Business Consulting

Micro-consulting for SMEs and SMIs, assistance in project engineering, technological support for entrepreneurs.

  • Technology watch

ALPhANOV provides the highest level of competency through technological research developed in collaboration with laboratories.


ALPhANOV carries out its activities in seven areas of expertise:




Director: Benoit APPERT-COLLIN

Benoit Appert-Collin graduated from the Institut d'Optique Graduate School Executive MBA and CPA ESC-Toulouse. He  began his career as a sales engineer at Photonetics. In 2002 he joined the Aquitaine region to create, along with some local actors including Professor Andre Ducasse, the new association ALPhA (Aquitaine Laser Photonics and applications). He put together the application for the seal of approval for the Route des Lasers competitiveness cluster and participated in the creation of ALPhANOV. He has been its director since its inception in 2007.


Laser Micromachining department: Rainer KLING

Rainer Kling holds a PhD from the Institute for Plasma Physics at the University of Hannover.  Before joining ALPhANOV in 2011, he ran the Department of Production and Systems Technology at Laser Zentrum (LZH) in Hanover. A recognized expert, Rainer Kling is responsible for conference sessions at ICALEO and Photonics West and consultant to the Journal of Production Engineering.

Laser sources and components department: Johan BOULLET


Since July 2015, Johan Boullet has been in charge of the component and laser sources business unit at ALPhANOV. He holds a Doctorate on fiber optics and fiber lasers, done at the Xlim laboratory. He then completed his Post-Doctorate at the CELIA laboratory in Bordeaux. This was in collaboration with regional industrialists such as Eolite Systems and Amplitude Systems on microstructured fibers for femtosecond applications.
In 2009, he became the co-founder of Azur Light Systems, supported by ALPhANOV, and where he was the R&D manager for 5 years.


Laser and optical systems department: Sébastien ERMENEUX


Sébastien Ermeneux graduated in Physical Engineering from INSA Rennes.  He also holds a PhD in laser materials, and a degree in "senior officer - Innovation and Entrepreneurship" from ESCP Europe. He joined ALPhANOV in 2007 after successive positions as Product Manager at Highwave Optical Technologies, responsible for the development of an amplifier product line at Alcatel Optronics, and in charge of marketing at Eolite Systems.


Sales and marketing department: Arnaud ZOUBIR


Arnaud Zoubir joined ALPhANOV in 2011. He  holds an engineering degree from ENSCPB, and a PhD in Optics from CREOL / University of Central Florida. His research led him to the Australian National University, and to the Osaka University.  He then went back to France where he spent five years at HORIBA Jobin Yvon as sales manager for the Research market.




Current offers:

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08/12/2017: Internship: Upscaling and industrialization of ultra-short-pulse high-average-power laser texturing within the frame of the TresClean project


During 2018, the project will focus on the upscaling and industrialization of the texturing process on large-surfaces. In this context, the intern will work on innovative laser texturation processes as part of the Micro-machining group of the technology center ALPhANOV. The goal of the internship is to actively participate at the development of different approaches for laser texturing of large parts, employing cutting-edge technologies in order to improve the production time together with the process quality. Your work will help strengthening ALPhANOV know-how in the field, especially for the new expertise with high-speed scanning system (up to 200m/s scanning speed) and high-average-power laser (up to 350W). The intern will have to work together with the team engineers from the development phase of the process until the performance validation stage. 


Type of contract: Internship for a duration of 6 months


Degree: Engineering Master Degree (MSc)


Contact: laura.gemini@alphanov.com






One of the first missions of ALPhANOV technology center is to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of companies and laboratories. Since its inception, ALPhANOV has demonstrated a role as innovation amplifier through various collaborative projects, technology transfer and its contribution to the creation and development of enterprises. Its developments in optics and lasers have also led it to develop its own commercial offer, complementing that of its partners.

Meanwhile, its skills are made ​​available to customers and partners via a range of customized services.