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ALPhANOV winner of the Innovation Awards of the Enova Paris show


The Enova Paris show Innovation Awards distinguish the best innovations of exhibitors. ALPhANOV is awarded in 2015 in the "Productivity" category for its Multiboard series, a set of 5 electronic cards dedicated to control various fiber lasers architectures.


Thanks to its modularity, the ‘MultiBoard’ series gives fiber lasers the ability to reach a wide range of features: low noise CW or pulsed regimes, Q –switched or mode-locked operations, multistage MOPA, laser pump pulsing, pulse-on-demand, Microchip seeding, AOM-based pulse picking, electro-optics driving, pulse burst shaping, etc.


The central board provides a simple way to control on/off/security stages of complex multistage fiber lasers. Each board can be used either alone or in combination with one or more of the other board of the ‘MultiBoard’ series. It provides support to anyone dealing with fiber lasers :

  • Fiber lasers developers can make a product in a few weeks instead of generally more than a year.
  • R&D users can concentrate on their optical innovations and centralize all parameters without the need for any external bench-top driving instrument.


The Innovation Awards of the Enova Show is a competition that promotes exhibitor expertise. Last year, ALPhANOV was awarded is the "Green-Environment" category for its new composite scouring laser process, developed in the course of the Perceval project.

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