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ALPhANOV welcomes Irisiôme on its industrial platform


A few weeks ago, Irisiôme, a company created in August 2015 by Romain Royon, moved within ALPhANOV’s industrial platform.


Irisiôme develops and markets laser systems that can be tuned to multiple wavelengths for scientific and medical applications, especially in dermatology. Dermatologists indeed need many wavelengths to treat different skin types or remove different pigments. They must therefore acquire many laser sources, each of them emitting a single wavelength: this leads to quite an important cost in investment but also in recurrent maintenance. The new architecture of Irisiôme’s tunable laser sources will provide a single, simple, compact and cost-effective solution to minimize "collateral damage" and overall processing time.


The Lasagyl project, that led to the Irisiôme company, was awarded by the iLab national competition in the ‘Emergence” category in 2014 and in the ‘Creation-Development’ category in 2015.


Irisiôme’s move to ALPhANOV’s industrial platform is part of ALPhANOV’s mission as the technology center of the Route des Lasers cluster to give technology support to photonics startups located in the Aquitaine region. For Irisiôme, this support will involve ALPhANOV’s competence in laser sources development, particularly its expertise in laser electronics, and its testing capabilities that will be used, in the coming months, for dermatology tests.

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