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New : Catalogue of photonic crystal fiber interfacing


It has been three years that a partnership between ALPhANOV and NKT Photonics has been signed allowing photonic crystal fiber (PCFs) users to take advantage of ALPhANOV’s capabilities in special fiber interfacing.


Today, more than a hundred laboratories and companies around the world have benefited from this know-how, making it easier to integrate and use PCF fibers.


Now, a catalogue summarizes ALPhANOV’s offer in this field, allowing customers and future customers to better understand all PCFinterfacing possibilities, either on hollow-core fibers, double-clad doped fibers, large mode area and non-linear fibers:


  • Connectorization
  • Implementation of endcaps capable of handling high average power
  • Splice of fibers and mode field adapters
  • Achievement of optical functions at the fiber tip via prisms, lenses.
  • Development of custom components, such as pump and signal combiners for microstructured active fiber


In addition to standard services on PCF fibers, ALPhANOV addresses your custom needs such as on-demand developments, feasibility studies or prototyping.

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