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ALPhANOV reshapes matter by laser fusion remodeling


Thirty times faster than ablation process, the reshaping process enables to move the matter thanks to laser effect and allows to achieve 3D macroscopic patterns on a large range of metals.

Thanks to its 6-axis robot coupled to a scanner head, ALPhANOV has been developing this process and is now able to offer it to its customers. Many industries may be interested to implement such process, for example for decorative effects on metals, precious metals or for texturation of molds or print rollers. ALPhANOV has already implemented this reshaping laser process on stainless steel, aluminum and nickel cobalt flat samples with a resolution down to 50µm and an average speed up to 40 sec/cm². Other developments are underway to apply it to 3D parts or to other materials such as gold, brass or copper. 

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