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ALPhANOV is ISO 9001 certified


After an audit conducted by Bureau Veritas, the management system of ALPhANOV has been certified ISO 9001: 2008. This certification is an acknowledgment of the ability of ALPhANOV to define and honor specific commitments in all areas of its activity and thus to meet the expectations of its customers.


For several months, ALPhANOV has implemented a management system that meets the requirements of quality standard ISO 9001:2008, supported by the company called Optimize and as part of a collective action led by the cluster Route des Lasers. This standard recognizes in particular its ability to consistently provide products and services in order to meet the requirements of the customer as well as applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application and the continuous improvement of the management system.


The ALPhANOV commitments towards its customers, partners and stakeholders concerning all its areas of activity:

  • To provide a level of technical expertise at the highest international level;
  • To work in the best conditions of professionalism, responsiveness and timeliness;
  • To maintain a strong link with the Aquitaine industrial industry, in particular SMEs;
  • To ensure self-financing and maintain balance among: research activities and the promotion of the Aquitaine region, supported mainly by public funds; collaborative research based on risk sharing models; innovative business activities;
  • To provide training and progress for its employees.


The certification of the management system of ALPhANOV crowns the daily work of its staff to meet the highest level of quality, the expectations and needs of its customers and partners. It demonstrates its maturity and the constant professionalization of its activities at a time when the technological center is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

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