Surface texturing

Micromachining processes can produce surface structuring of many different materials in order to impart specific properties.

UV micromachining station

With its pool of lasers covering a wide range of wavelengths, ALPhANOV can adapt to the needs of its clients.

Laser micromachining system

ALPhANOV assists its customers from the development process to the realization of customized systems.

Ceramics engraving

ALPhANOV performs micromachining of many materials for its customers' benefits.
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Laser micromachining

Investigations, prototyping, small series, complex systems, ALPhANOV controls the entire chain of processes of laser micromachining.


Based on 10 years of experience in laser processes and on its understanding of the light-matter interaction phenomena, ALPhANOV carries out laser micromachining services for its customers' benefits. These cover the entire development cycle of a process:


  • Technology watch
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Experimental validation
  • Characterization, quality control and measurements
  • Prototyping
  • Small series
  • Customized systems


Target applications range from surface drilling to surface texturing, through cutting, marking, engraving, ... and on many materials: metals, ceramics, polymers, glasses, as well as on living tissue.


To provide these services, ALPhANOV benefits from a large pool of lasers, covering a range of wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared, continuous wave or pulsed, with pulse durations down to the femtosecond and powers up to several hundreds watts. This versatility enables it to adapt to the specificities of each sector: aerospace, pharmaceutical, biomedical, transportation, microelectronics, ...


The micromachining processes used offer many advantages: high precision, good machining quality, restricted heat affected zone, conservation of materials functionality. Its diverse measurement and quality control equipment means ALPhANOV is able to reliably characterize the outcome of each process: optical microscopes with image analysis system, confocal laser scanning microscope, point measurement microscope with a workstation.


Its proximity to the laser manufacturers and its own competencies in developing innovative laser sources entails that it benefits from a quick access to the latest technologies, and it gives ALPhANOV a competitive edge in the development process. Its independence vis-à-vis laser suppliers guarantees its customers the choice of the best technology.


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Custom services

  • Studies and developement of laser micromachining processes
  • Realization and characterization of samples
  • Small series manufacturing
  • Development of bespoke systems
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