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GoSpectro - The power of spectroscopy at your fingertips


GoSpectro is a simple device that turns any smartphone into a light spectrometer. Measure, save and export light spectra... on the go!

Spectroscopy is a powerful tool that allows to analyze matter from the spectral component of light. It is widely used in R&D labs for chemical analysis, colorimetric measurements or light characterization (e.g. LEDs, displays, etc). So far, the use of spectrometers has been limited to professionals, considering the cost, the size and complexity of the equipment. 


Today, GoSpectro puts the power of spectroscopy in the hands of everyone, offering the world’s most compact and most simple light spectrometers. This patented device allows to turn any smartphone into a light spectrometer in order to measure, record, analyze and export spectral data. It is the ideal companion for students, professionals or anyone who needs to measure a light spectrum on the go. 


This enables to perform material characterization and analysis with an ultra-compact device natively connected to the internet, with applications in gemology (gem identification), food industry (color measurement, allergen detection), water quality (pollution detection), academia/teaching, anti-counterfeiting (fluorescent inks), art, etc.




Technical specifications :


  • Spectral range : 380 – 750 nm
  • Spectral resolution: <10nm
  • Size : 55 x 20 x 20 mm. Weight : 30 g
  • Measurement of emission (ex : fluorescence), absorption, transmission and reflection
  • Automated spectral calibration in wavelength and intensity
  • Analysis tools, comparison and archiving of spectral data


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