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ALPhANOV completes its laser range with a sub-picosecond source for micromachining


With more than 25 microjoule per pulse at a high repetition rate, this new laser source will allow ALPhANOV to increase laser process speed in particular for surface treatments.

For more than 10 years, ALPHANOV has been working on laser process developments using mostly ultra-fast sources. The possibilities are endless for cutting, engraving, drilling, surface texturing and marking on all kinds of materials such as metals, transparent materials or composites.


To improve these processes and develop new ones, thus offering new services to its customers, ALPhANOV has just acquired a new laser as part of a collaboration with the company Eolite Systems.

The HF Chinook laser therefore expands the range of fifteen lasers that ALPHANOV has. It offers an average power of 100W at 1030nm and pulses of 600fs at high repetition rate (4MHz). Coupled with a classical or polygonal scanner, it drastically increases the process speed, notably for surface treatments or transparent material micromachining.

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