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ALPhANOV welcomes the innovative start-up Neta on its industrial platform


Since December 2016, the new company Neta is hosted on ALPhANOV’s industrial platform. Neta develops innovative photo-acoustic microscopes for the high-tech imaging market.


Specialist of imaging solutions for laboratories and industries, Neta designs, produces and sales innovative imaging devices giving access to the material mechanical properties in the nanoscale range. Its photo-acoustic microscope allows multi-physical, non-contact and non-destructive measurements.

The company has been funded at the end of 2014, after finding out that both scientists and industrial actors were looking for new tools to enable new measurement parameters. The products are mainly dedicated to Biomedical imaging application. They contribute to improve the knowledge of cellular mechanical processes occurring in many biological processes, as well as degenerative diseases and cancer progression. This technology can also be used to characterize the composition of semiconductor thin layer or photovoltaic cells. From the first demonstrator to a turnkey industrial product meeting customer needs, Neta challenges its capabilities to make devices easier, more powerful and more user-friendly.

Neta’s partnership with ALPhANOV is in line with ALPhANOV missions as technology transfer center to support local SMEs and their development.

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