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Find ALPhANOV at the Espace Laser Show and the International Conference on Industrial Laser Processing (JNPLI)


This year, at the Espace Laser fair, the International Conference on Industrial Laser Processing (JNPLI) will take place from 12 to 14 September in Strasbourg.


The Espace Laser fair is the occasion for ALPhANOV to introduce you to our latest innovations. To do so, we invite you to meet our team of engineers at booth F7.


The JNPLI will give the opportunity to our engineers to present our latest ongoing projects through conferences:

  • Enhanced super-hydrophobic effect on a stainless steel by high repetition-rate surface texturing: Laura GEMINI

Wednesday 13th september 2017 - 11h50 / room n°1

  • Potential of structuring and polishing surfaces with fiber laser on homogeneous metals: Christophe ARNAUD

Wednesday 13th september 2017 - 15h10 / room n°1

  • Lashare Scalp project: 3D scanner used for automated steel laser cutting in the production of vehicles for disabled drivers: Charly LOUMENA

Thursday 14th September 2017 - 10h00 / room n°2

  • Plug and play connector for high-power, high-energy, femtosecond single mode beam transportation: Emmanuel CHALUMEAU

Thursday 14th September 2017 - 14h40 / room n°2


Come and meet us at our booth F7 at the Espace Laser event or at the JNPLI conferences.

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