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Share knowledge on laser-based equipment and its use throughout the value chain


About the project:


LASHARE is an European project, bringing together 32 SMEs and six research centers. They are among the most renowned ones in the field of industrial laser applications.

The objective of the project is to gather and develop knowledge about industrial laser systems and their use throughout the value chain in order to improve productivity and online control of manufacturing processes ... This sharing will allow the approach of the whole value chain. The transformation of innovative solutions from laboratories into industrial products and the dissemination of their use in industry are at the heart of the project. These are key success factors for European manufacturing.

The LASHARE project is divided into several LEAs (Laser Equipment Assessment), each of which involves different operators including a laser equipment supplier, an industrial user and a research partner. This cohesion makes it possible to move from a validated laboratory technology to a sufficiently mature equipment for industrial use.


ALPhANOV's role:

The LASHARE project involves several phases. During the first phase (September 2013 - September 2015), ALPhANOV was engaged in two LEAs: TEETO and FEMPAR.


A call for projects was launched in February 2015. Following this, ALPhANOV embarked on the second phase of the LASHARE project within 2 LEAs: LASAO and SCALP.

  • TEETO develops laser-based equipment for processing of thin films with a sub nanosecond laser source.
  • FEMPAR develops laser-based equipment to engrave dies for the production of coins.
  • LASAO aims to validate a closed loop control wave front correction system.
  • SCALP aims to validate a 3D laser scanning and laser cutting system for the production of vehicles for disabled drivers.


Partners: A total of 68 partners.
In the LEA, LASAO and SCALP:

  • TEETO: Teem Photonics and Micel
  • FEMPAR: Amplitude Systèmes and Monnaie de Paris
  • LASAO: Imagine Optic and Argolight
  • SCALP: ACA and Faro Europe

Overall budget: EUR 11 million

Funding: European Commission

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