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Through its ability to mobilize the skills and expertise required in the fields of optics and lasers, ALPhANOV acts as a "technological amplifier " serving innovative projects in which cooperate research scientists, engineers and laboratory specialists, SMEs and corporate industrial groups.



  • 协助创建和发展公司
  • 协助实验室研究和技术转让过程。
  • 建立合作项目,完善技术,缩短产品的上市时间。
  • 提供光学和激光方面的资源和服务。


ALPhANOV's activities meet your projects' requirements in industrial innovation:

  • Collaborative projects

Development or implementation of products or processes in partnership with companies and research laboratories. Leveraging the expertise and resources of each other, the partners establish contracts based on common objectives and shared returns. A team and a process take hold to achieve industrial projects.

  • Services

Expertise, and technical support to companies, feasibility study of manufacturing processes, or technical services (micromachining, optical design, metrology).

  • Shared equipment platform

Access to shared hardware platform , dedicated resources for companies and laboratories, technical assistance.

  • Business Consulting

Micro-consulting for SMEs and SMIs, assistance in project engineering, technological support for entrepreneurs.

  • Technology watch

ALPhANOV provides the highest level of competency through technological research developed in collaboration with laboratories.


ALPhANOV carries out its activities in seven areas of expertise: