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ALPhANOV publishes a scientific article in Nature Scientific Reports on the texturing of antibacterial surfaces


In early July, the reading committee of the prestigious scientific journal Nature Scientific Reports accepted the publication of an article by ALPhANOV entitled "Towards Laser-Textured Antibacterial Surfaces".


Initiated in 1869, the journal Nature Scientific Reports is today one of the oldest and most famous general scientific journals in the world. The recently published article describes the latest results from the TresClean project, which aimed to develop antimicrobial surface texturing processes using high-power ultra-short lasers. This work was carried out in collaboration with the University of Parma, the University of Pisa and the ALPhANOV Technology Center.


It was written by Laura GEMINI, Marc FAUCON and Rainer KLING of ALPhANOV, in collaboration with members of the University of Parma, Adrian HA LUTEY, Luca ROMOLI and Gianmarco LAZZINI, as well as a member of the University of Pisa, Francesco FUSO. This publication is already available at the following link:


Towards Laser-Textured Antibacterial Surfaces 


Project funded by the European Union (H2020) - academic and industrial partners



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