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GoyaLab, new spin-off from ALPhANOV


GoyaLab has been created on September 24, 2018 such as a direct result of the work carried out within ALPhANOV to develop, industrialize and commercialize GoSpectro.



Led by Thomas Kuntzel, its main aim is to develop spectrometers and components for spectroscopy, for its own products or in support of existing SMEs. It builds on the experience gained in developing the GoSpectro sensor, a compact and easy-to-use mini spectrometer that can turn any smartphone into a light spectrometer and perform measurements, record, to compare and export spectral data. The highly innovative nature of this spectrometer has been rewarded with a Prism Award at Photonics West 2017, one of the major events in global photonics.


Target markets are all those who need simple, compact, inexpensive and connected mobile spectroscopy instruments: lighting, agri-food, gemology, medical, anti-counterfeiting, education.


Incubated by Bordeaux Unitec and housed in the "corporate" space of ALPhANOV at the Institute of Optics of Aquitaine, GoyaLab relies on the transfer of a patented technology as well as all the activity related to GoSpectro - adaptations, manufacture, marketing, maintenance -. It is the first company whose capital is partly held by ALPhANOV.


GoyaLab can be contacted via Thomas Kuntzel:




Ph.: +33 6 30 88 23 98



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