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The University of Sydney quotes ALPhANOV in the realization of UV-compatible fiber cords


ALPhANOV had the honor of being quoted in the scientific article published in OSA Publishing, " Towards fully commercial, UV-compatible fiber patch cords".


In this article, the University of Sydney describes their methods for producing ultraviolet (UV) compatible optical-fiber patch-cords, with stable long-term transmission, at powers up to 200 mW. These commercial fibers are compatible with a wide variety of demanding scientific or industrial applications, such as biology or metrology. For the design of these patch-cords, the Sydney team relied on ALPhANOV's know-how in connectorizing and interfacing a PCF LMA-PM-10 fiber from NKT Photonics. A service that APHANOV has been developing and offering for more than 8 years to their customers around the world.


The digital library of OSA Publishing offers the largest collection of content on the topic of optics and photonics. This state-of-the-art repository includes content from prestigious journals and co-publications from OSA. The publication is available at the following link:


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This scientific article was written by Christian D. Marciniak, Harrison B. Ball, Alex T.-H. Hung, and Michael J. Biercuk.


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