Single spot laser station

This station allows to focus the laser beam down to 1µm on a chip

IR vision of the back side

The high resolution IR vision offers the possibility to see the path and the laser at the same time on the back side

Compatible with all PDM+ laser sources

The station is compatible with all PDM+ lasers from ALPhANOV

Large range of objectives

ALPhANOV offers a large range of high transmission objectives

Second spot from the side?

A second spot can be brought from the side with a bare fiber

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The Single Spot Laser Station is an optical and mechanical system allowing to focus a single-mode laser source on a chip with high transmission (>92%) and with extremely small spot size (down to 1µm).


Perfectly adapted for laser fault injection, this platform integrates a high resolution IR vision offering the possibility to see the path of the chip and the laser spot through the silicon. Mounted on high precision XYZ stages on a marble arch, the user can program scans above the sample with high precision and high resolution.


Key features:

  • Adapted for single-mode laser at 976 and 1064nm
  • High transmission (>92%) without objectives
  • Minimum spot size (down to 1µm)
  • IR high resolution vision 
  • Marble arch with high stability
  • Large range of objectives



  • Laser safety enclosure with CE certification
  • Second spot with bare fiber from the side
  • Tilt and rotation stage
  • Bespoke dimensions

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