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Since 2007, ALPhANOV has built a solid expertise in modelling, designing and prototyping of innovative fiber laser sources and components.




Our PowerPAC connector offers a highly precise connector for single-mode hollow-core fibers (*). It includes a collimator, which can withstand more than 100 Watts of injected power. It is particularly suitable for beam delivery based on hollow-core fibers, for instance in the femtosecond regime.



  • 100W-class in femtosecond regime
  • Plug-and-play (high repeatability)
  • Passive cooling (active cooling on-demand)










Optical specifications assuming input laser beam with M2=1.1:






 Max. power input (1)


 Maximum loss (1)


 Collimated beam diameter (2)




 Injection loss


 Optical return loss


 Pointing precision (3;4)


 Beam location precision (3;4)

 <0.3mm (of the collimator center)


(1) Considering 80% coupling efficiency in the femtosecond regime
(2) MFD measured at 1/e²
(3) Depends on the fiber
(4) Considering 10% loss of the coupling ratio
(*) This connector is also possible for other large core single-mode PCF (Kagome, LMA PCF,…)



Specific high-power, high-precision connector developments on-demand

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