PCF fibers interfacing

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ALPhANOV's know-how covers interfacing and integration of specialty optical fibers such as "rod-type", micro-structured, and hollow core fibers. The expertise developed through its internal R & D center enables it to meet the specific needs of its clients in the implementation of specialty optical fibers:

  • Realization of connectorisation systems 
  • Implementation of endcaps capable of handling high average power
  • Development of custom components, such as mode converters, pump combiners, multimode couplers
  • Achievement of optical functions at the fiber tip via prisms, lenses, ...

Its services range from needs analysis to small series, through the development of procedures, prototyping and performance characterization. It relies on many technical edges:


  • 3SAE Large diameter splicing system LDS 
  • Welding platform Vytran GPX-3400
  • Cleaver from Vytran
  • Fujikura FSM-100P welder +
  • CO2 laser welding platform
  • Universal polishing platform
  • Beam analyzer
  • Autocorrelator
  • Beam diagnostic tool UV-VIS-NIR
  • Spectral measurements platform(200-1200 nm)
  • KiloWatts components characterization bench


Examples of realization

• NKT fibers connectorisation: DC-200/40-PZ-Yb

• NKT hollow core fibers connectorisation

• Large endcap fusion splice on fibers






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