PCF amplifier

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Based on its expertise in laser design and photonic crystal fiber interfacing, ALPhANOV developed a technology to build turn-key 100-Watt-class monolithic laser amplifiers with superior stability.




This technology relies on a Yb-doped microstructured fiber architecture. It can be tailored to meet specific requirements in terms of power, temporal regime and other functionalities.





Optical performance

 Operational wavelength


 Operational regime

 Pulsed / single-frequency

 Pulse repetition rate

 50MHz typ. 

 Input signal power


 Output power


 Output peak power

 0.5 MW typ.

 Output pulse energy


 Amplifier gain

 17-20dB (*)

 Output beam quality




 Output power tuning


 Output free space beam size (1/e²)


 Output long term power stability (hrs)





 Optical interfaces

 Input interface

 High power FC/APC connector, bare fiber


 Output interface

 End-cap, SMA connector, collimator and/or isolator

 Pump specification

 Number of diode ports

 2 or 6 (on-demand)

 Pump diodes

 Up to 60W, CW or pulsed
 Rise/fall times >10μs

 Electrical & mechanical specifications


 AC input


 Computer control interface


 Diode driver control




(*) ALPhANOV recommends a gain of 17-20dB or less. A tap coupler with a detection circuit is implemented to prevent self Q-switching.


Special requests:

  • Pre-amplifying on-demand
  • Specific fiber amplifier developments on-demand
  • Possibility to build a complete laser architecture with oscillator and SHG/THG module


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