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ALPhANOV is proud to offer the only high-brightness mid-infrared supercontinuum laser source commercially available.

The Coverage IR features unprecedented spectral coverage ranging from 1 μm to 4 μm with turn-key operation and a rugged design.

Our fiber laser based technology provides a diffraction-limited beam (TEM00) allowing easy beam collimation and beam focusing. Technical specifications allow integration of the source in a wide variety of applications such as medical imaging, hyperspectral imaging or micro-spectroscopy.


Typical output power of the Coverage IR laser.



Coverage IR laser beam spot.

Product Code Coverage IR-001
 Optical specifications
 Operating wavelength (-30dB)  1000 - 4000 nm
 Output power  1 W
 Spatial beam quality  TEM00 - Gaussian mode
 Out fiber core diameter
 Output fiber NA
 10 µm
 NA = 0.20
 Pulse width  3 ns
 Repetition rate  300 kHz - 2 MHz
 Power stability  < /- 2%
 Mechanical specifications
 Length x Width x Height  250 x 250 x 100 mm
 Weight  < 10 kg



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