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ALPhANOV takes part in the ISOCEL project, selected by ADEME


Between now and 2020, France needs to reduce its energy dependency and its emissions of greenhouse gases. Solar technologies have emerged as one of the primary solutions. They also carry important economic issues for our country, especially for export. They participate in the development of strategic markets such as energy storage, "smart" power grids (Smart Grids), and positive energy buildings (BEPOS).


Following the Call for Expressions of Interest "Solar" and "Photovoltaic" of the Investments for the Future Program , 64 projects supported by 227 companies and research laboratories were applying for funding from ADEME. The Agency has selected 14 winners at this stage. These projects have in common to reduce the costs of energy systems based on solar resources, to improve their overall performance, and to reduce their environmental impact.


Among these projects, the Isocel project in which ALPhANOV participates, intends to establish a competitive and sustainable manufacturing industry of new generation photovoltaic modules specifically aimed at the construction sector. The heart of innovation lies in polymeric materials for protection and encapsulation. Within this project, ALPhANOV is in charge of the laser subsystem intended to be used for the thin film processes to be developed.


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