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19/04/2018: Material Science Engineer


The Aquitaine region has decided to undertake unprecedented efforts in the field of new generations of lasers combining high energy and high power. These themes and the technologies on which they are based are of major interest for many applications in the industrial and medical
sectors: treatment and machining of materials, proton therapy, XUV generation in rare gases, etc
This new generation of lasers comprises sub-elements combining optical, mechanical and thermal structures, which are very complex to design and characterize.
In a context of R&D and collaborations with companies/CEA/CNRS/University, structured by the implementation of multi-annual projects starting at the end of 2016, ALPhANOV is building a multidisciplinary team capable of addressing these problems. To complete it, Alphanov is currently looking for an engineer/doctor capable of:

  • Designing, implementing and analyzing opto-mechanical assemblies for the development of laser amplifier heads pumped by high-power laser diodes.
  • Perform theoretical and experimental analysis to determine the evolution of materials subject simultaneously to thermal gradients, mechanical deformation and optical effects.
  • Participate in the prototype mapping and qualification phases in the laboratory, by aligning and characterizing the components inside laser demonstrators.
  • Participate, in the long term, in the exploitation of the results obtained around the technological bricks realized under the projects cited, with a view to their industrialization and the diffusion of products on the market.


Candidate profile: 

  • Master thesis with experience and/or PhD level
  • Specialization in the field of material science with a good knowledge of thermal, mechanical and optical properties of materials
  • Experimental skills and a strong taste for innovation




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07/03/2018: PhD - Multimodal imaging assisted by pulsed electric field


The intended PhD work is about multimodal imaging assisted by pulsed electric field. In a first step, the person in charge of this work will have to take in hand and master CARS, SHG, THG and TPF imaging methods. He/she will also have to develop pulsed optoelectronic generators allowing the emission of short electric pulses (in the sub-nanosecond and picosecond ranges). These pulses will have to be synchronous with the multiwavelength pulses of a supercontinuum-type polychromatic laser source. Their profile in the microwave region will be adjustable in order to obtain a frequency range reaching the THz domain.

In a second step, the most exploratory part of the investigations will be to evaluate the impact of these electromagnetic pulses on biological samples such as cells. The modification of CARS/SHG/THG/TPF signal coming from the sample will be analyzed and linked with potential physicochemical and/or biological phenomena.

At last this study will integrate the design of an exposure system able to deliver a given amount of electromagnetic radiation to biological objects.


Required skills and knowledge: 


Nonlinear optics: frequency conversion in crystals and optical fibers, three- and four-wave mixing, Raman effect, soliton propagation


Optoelectronics: electric pulse generation by optoelectronic switching


Microscopy/spectroscopy: Raman, CARS, SHG, THG, TPF processes


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08/12/2017: Internship: Upscaling and industrialization of ultra-short-pulse high-average-power laser texturing within the frame of the TresClean project


During 2018, the project will focus on the upscaling and industrialization of the texturing process on large-surfaces. In this context, the intern will work on innovative laser texturation processes as part of the Micro-machining group of the technology center ALPhANOV. The goal of the internship is to actively participate at the development of different approaches for laser texturing of large parts, employing cutting-edge technologies in order to improve the production time together with the process quality. Your work will help strengthening ALPhANOV know-how in the field, especially for the new expertise with high-speed scanning system (up to 200m/s scanning speed) and high-average-power laser (up to 350W). The intern will have to work together with the team engineers from the development phase of the process until the performance validation stage. 


Type of contract: Internship for a duration of 6 months


Degree: Engineering Master Degree (MSc)




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