Calculation, analysis, and tolerancing of optical combinations

ALPhANOV helps you determine the optical combination that meets your needs and your constraints.

Laser beam shaping

ALPhANOV can design custom optical systems that produce very specific laser beam profiles.

Custom optical systems

ALPhANOV's expertise in optical design, coupled with its expertise in mechanics and electronics enable it to assist clients in the development of complex systems.
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Optical design

ALPhANOV offers its expertise and technical resources to design, model, and characterize optical systems and lasers.


ALPhANOV is involved throughout the development of your projects, from defining your needs and translating them in terms of performance and optical tolerance, to the characterization of prototypes, and the integration of optical systems into complex systems.

  • Calculation, analysis and tolerancing of optical combinations
  • Calculation of optical systems for lasers
  • Calculation in Fourier optics (diffraction, imaging)
  • Design of opto-mechanical bench
  • Ruggedization of opto-mechanical systems
  • Wavefront metrology and optical performance measurements


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