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Integrated circuits testing

In partnership with the IMS laboratory of the University Bordeaux 1, ALPhANOV has developed a system for laser testing of integrated circuits, that is available to manufacturers.


This system can generate, through a method of non-destructive testing, a mapping of the integrated circuits analyzed, showing their photoelectric response to a laser stimulation.


The beam is focused on the circuit board by means of a microscope objective, and the system analyzes the change in its output and in its power supply using an oscilloscope. This information is used to identify particular areas of the circuit sensitive to radiation and that generate localized photoelectric effects.

The test platform includes:

  • a laser injection system using a microscope objective
  • motorized stages for positioning the circuit board underneath the laser beam
  • power supply circuits for the component
  • control and command software for all parameters
  • an oscilloscope for measuring and analyzing the changes induced by the laser stimulation
  • a data recording and mapping system


The set-up may also provide a parametric study of the laser energy or of the voltage applied to the component in particular.


Technical specifications

  • Laser: wavelength 1030 nm, pulse duration from 200 fs up to 5 ps, repetition rate from single-shot up to 250 MHz, energy of a few nJ
  • Optical Resolution: 1 to 5 microns
  • Translation stage for the circuit: range 50 x 50 mm, 50 nm resolution

Tailored services

  • Analysis of the photoelectric response of electronic components
  • Mapping of the components sensibility to radiation
  • Parametric analysis available
  • Non-destructive testing
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