Diode lasers analysis

Optoelectronic components lifetime depends on their conditions of use.

Comprehensive testing

The component analysis can predict their evolution in time
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Reliability of optoelectronic components

Estimating the lifetime of optoelectronic components according to their use.


The lifetime of optoelectronic components depends largely on the application in which they are implemented (space, military, transportation ...) and therefore their conditions of use.


ALPhANOV offers test plans to test the robustness of components based on the following conditions: active aging, thermomechanical tests, radiation, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), ...


Engineers and technicians are then able to implement these test plans:

  • determination of the means required, standard or custom
  • realization of custom benches and aging systems
  • implementation of analysis technologies: visual inspection, microscopy, spectroscopy, imaging, electro-optical characterization
  • failure analysis
  • modelling of the electro-optical response of components and estimation of its drift versus time
  • determination of the degradation kinetics and proposed mathematical models to estimate the components lifetime

ALPhANOV testing platform also enables tests to analyze the compliance to standards such as Telcordia, MIL-STD, IEC ...


Diverse analysis equipment

  • Microscopy: MEB, AFM, MET
  • Spectroscopy: SIMS, EDX
  • Imaging: EBIC, cathodoluminescence, thermique...
  • Electro-optical characterizations: P-I, I-V, optical spectrum, near field, …
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