Gold nanoparticles

The laser ablation technique provides solutions of pure gold.

Femtosecond laser ablation

The technique is simple to implement, and requires no chemical.

Standard and custom products

Solutions of gold nanoparticles are available with a wide range of liquid.

Nanoparticles of up-conversion phosphors in solution

The laser ablation technique can be used for a wide variety of materials.
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Nanoparticles production using laser ablation

Femtosecond laser ablation allows the production of nanoparticles in liquid solution, without using any chemicals.


ALPhANOV has developed an expertise in the production of nanoparticles in liquid solution by laser ablation, a technique that is simple, clean and adaptable to many materials. Customers and partners have available nanoparticles solutions in a wide choice of liquids.


The laser ablation method used by ALPhANOV fragments, with an infrared pulsed laser, macroscopic material to particles of nanometric size.  Nanoparticles in liquid solution are thus produced without the limitations of traditional techniques that most often use chemical methods. It is simple to implement and lends itself to prototyping of nanoparticles of complex materials.


Nanoparticles proposed by ALPhANOV, free of any contaminant, can be used in many fields, such as biomedicine, materials science and nanotechnology.

A simple and clean technique

  • Independent from the material
  • Easy to implement in the industry
  • No additive or surfactant
  • Large choice of materials and liquids


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