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ALPhANOV will be present on Laser World of Photonics Shanghai Exhibition


ALPhANOV will be present on Laser World of Photonics Shanghai exhibition (2012 March 20-22).

Within the Bordeaux Route des Lasers cluster booth (Booth W2.2725), ALPhANOV will present its skills in laser micromachining and optical components and systems:

  • High brightness 7to 1 multimode pump combiner

  • High power 1to 3 multimode coupler

  • "Pulse-on-Demand" module

  • Terahertz camera

  • Terahertz power meter

  • Infrared continuum laser source

ALPhANOV's skills cover:

  • Micromachining laser: study of various phenomena of interection laser/material; application of these phenomena to any type of material, including living tissue; development of industrial processes.

  • Development of laser sources and components, with expertise in special optical fibers; implementation of these elements; development of new architectures.

  • Design and production of optical systems; development and provision of a platform for terahertz and photo-thermal imaging; microscopes customization; manufacturing of micromachining laser systems.

ALPhANOV meets specific needs at each project development phase, and thus supports customers and partners in the development of innovative products and solutions:

  • Participation in collaborative projects coordinated by the center or not, to accelerate technology transfer between research laboratories and companies or to help them to develop innovative products

  • Tailored solutions to technological or industrial problems, based on the technical and human ressources from the center

  • Process validation and small series manufacturing

  • Internal research and product catalogs from this research

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