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Technological support

From assembling collaborative projects to technological support to entrepreneurship, ALPhANOV works with you on your industrial projects.

Through close relationships with research laboratories (LOMA, CELIA, LP2N, IMS, TREFLE, ...) and with local photonics companies, ALPhANOV intervenes throughout the innovation process.

  • Assembling collaborative projects: search for academia or industry partners, consortium coordination, financial engineering
  • Industrialization: ALPhANOV extends to its partners its engineering skills to assist in the design and production phases of industrial products
  • Business creation: ALPhANOV offers to business start-ups a professional environment and technology facilitating the sharing of ideas and solutions, and facilitating the validation of concepts and the development of prototypes

ALPhANOV operates seamlessly with the other Aquitaine actors that  support industrial development: ALPhA association that manages the  Route des Lasers competitiveness cluster, Aquitaine technopoles and Bordeaux Unitec in particular that provide strategic support to business creation, the Route des Lasers SEML that is able to meet the real estate needs specific to the photonic sector, Aquitaine Sciences Transfert, in charge of technology transfer between laboratories and industry, the Ministry of Research, OSEO, the Aquitaine Regional Council and all local authorities involved in the financing of industrial projects.



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