Laser micromachining

ALPhANOV offers laser process developments and is able to machine on a large range of materials 

15 years of experiences

Achievements for a wide variety of industries

Processes of laser micromachining developed by ALPhANOV are used in many industrial sectors, as medical, the watchmaking industry or aeronautics.

Surface texturing

Surface laser texturing enables to confer special properties, here a hydrophobicized surface. Surface laser texturing enables to confer special properties, here a hydrophobicized surface.

Nanoparticles generation

Laser ablation can produce nanoparticles in solution from a variety of metallic, inorganic, or organic materials, in a way that is simple, fast and chemical free.
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Laser micromachining

From process development to custom production system: feasability studies and implementations at every step of your production process.


Based on the experience gained within the platform for laser applications in Aquitaine (PALA) at the CELIA laboratory, ALPhANOV is now capable to apply to a large number of materials the possibilities offered by laser micromachining techniques: ABS, stainless steel, aluminum, silicon carbide, ceramics, Kapton, gold, PC, PET, platinum, PMMA, quartz, silicon, glass, ...

ALPhANOV engineers and technicians have developed and characterized a range of processes for drilling, cutting, marking, engraving, texturing or ablating these materials from the micron scale up to a few millimeters, with great accuracy and machining quality.  With these techniques, the functionality of the materials is preserved and the heat affected zone is restricted. These skills can be used to serve your needs, whatever your industry: aeronautics, watches, luxury, pharmaceutical, biomedical, transportation, ...

ALPhANOV capabilities, both human and material, enables it to offer a range of services and products, and to intervene at all stages of the manufacturing process:

  • Studies based on knowledge of the interaction process
  • Experimental validation with a large pool of laser sources and instruments of measurement and control
  • Preparation and characterization of industrial processes
  • Manufacturing of prototypes and small series
  • Support for the integration of laser machining processes in industry
  • User training

Its proximity to companies developing laser sources and its own expertise in the field give it quick access to the latest innovations, and it enables a wide choice in terms of pulse duration, wavelength, repetition rate and of the beam characteristics.


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