Custom laser sources

Amplified, mode-locked, cw or pulsed lasers, our skills will adapt to your needs!

The fiber lasers platform

A singular collaboration, it yielded developments in laser components now included in sources

Blue laser

Research on compact laser sources led to the creation of the Azur Light Systems company .
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Laser sources development

Design and development of innovative laser sources based on specialty optical fibers and micro-components in free space.




Knowledge in rare earth doped fibers, combined with the use of optical fibers or nonlinear crystals, is utilized for the development of laser sources operating at various wavelengths. Meanwhile, ALPhANOV has acquired a unique expertise in integrated optics and micro-optics in free space for the realization of very compact laser heads that add functions to power lasers.


This competency means that today, ALPhANOV is able to realize functions such as pumping of active fibers or frequency conversion in compact, robust, and fiber-coupled design.


These laser sources are frequently developed through collaborative projects, in order to achieve specific optical functions. They can also be designed for applications or processes that require laser beams with well-defined characteristics.


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The fiber laser platform

  • A singular collaboration research/industry
  • A mutualised applied research
  • Innovative laser components available to industrials
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