Optical fibers enable innovative sources of high power laser.

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About the project :

Development of an industrial machine for surface treatment by fiber lasers incorporating a mechanism for monitoring of the process in real time.


This cleaning system is completely non-polluting and respectful of the objects to be cleaned. It is based on the use of innovative fiber lasers producing relatively short high power pulses. The principle is to be part of a pattern of sustainable development by increasing the lifetime of industrial objects through their regular cleaning, free from wear and without creation of waste pollutants.


The project involves several steps:


Develop and industrialize a new highly innovative fiber laser source, highly reliable and that will deliver about 200 Watts average power.


Develop a demonstrator for the use of a class IV laser in hostile industrial environment, for the manual cleaning of elastomer molds.


Develop a control system based on LIBS to constantly check the quality of the process.


Develop a beam-shaping system for converting a Gaussian beam into a square top-hat profile in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the cleaning process. The set will be tested on the cleaning of tire molds in collaboration with major manufacturers.


ALPhANOV's contribution :

Participer au développement de la source laser, concevoir le démonstrateur, mettre au point le système de contrôle.

Participate in the development of the laser source, design the demonstrator, and develop the control system.

Partners : Eolite Systems, LOMA, Quantel

Overall budget :  € 1.4 million

Funding : FUI

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