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About the project:


Establishment of a platform of expertise and resources around components, modules and subsystems based on laser diodes.

This project, which is part of a Relocation Plan (PLR), is structured around four main objectives:

  • development of next generation control electronics ;
  • design and modeling for beam generation and beam shaping ;
  • establishment of a platform for integrating components and subsystems ;
  • development of sub-systems that combine high power (peak or average) and high brilliance in a range of costs that is non-prohibitive for industrialization.

The project will enable the development of expertise and resources dedicated to the prototyping of innovative diode laser systems, including skills in electronic modeling, optics, opto-mechanics, and thermal management. It will thus help the different partners of the consortium manage the value chain for the industrialization of their components and equipment.


ALPhANOV's contribution :


ALPhANOV will host the platform, ensure its inception and implementation, and carry out various work related directly to the project. It will coordinate the whole project.

Partners : ALS, Amplitude Systèmes, Eolite Systems, Innoptics, Novae.

Overall budget : € 560 k

Funding : PLR

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