3D-laser writing in glass

Patterning by surface texturing

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Laser micromachining processes enable the marking of industrial parts in order to meet the growing needs of part identification and traceability.


The technique consists in focusing a laser beam.  Each pulse then writes a very fine point up to a few microns. The laser beam is directed by an ultra-fast galvanometer scanner to draw the desired pattern (alphanumeric, matrix, or more complex shapes).

Laser marking is achieved by either ablation or modification of the surface condition of the material. It is precise, unalterable, without mechanical stress, fast, ecological and without contact.



  • Precise and indelible markings
  • All materials (metals, glass, ceramics, polymers, ...)
  • Clean process requiring neither consumables (ink), nor additives

Case of intra-volume marking

Femtosecond lasers can induce a local modification inside transparent materials such as glass, plastic or sapphire, without affecting the surface. This results in a marking technique that is particularly resistant to counterfeiting and is adapted to the pharmaceutical and the luxury industry.


Naginels process(R) - Exclusive licencing : Trackinside (C)
Example of use: Marking vials and syringes for pharmaceutical industry




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Applications domains

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Perfumes and cosmetics
  • Luxury products
  • Wine and spirituals
  • Automotive industry


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