Stomach probing of an African statue

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Analysis of works of art and antiques

The use of TeraHertz radiation lets one see inside objects without opening them.


This technique has the advantage of being non-invasive, non-destructive and fully mobile, unlike techniques based on X-rays which are typically used to look through materials.


The use of terahertz radiation to probe the matter enables the analysis of objects from cultural heritage such as fragile antiques which content has been inviolated in order to unravel the mysteries. It also helps to identify any changes in volume or surface, to reveal damage related to material wear or poor conservation methods, and to establish a diagnosis on the aging mechanisms of materials. This method enables the control of the quality, the process, and the manufacturing of objects.


In partnership with LOMA (Laboratoire ondes et matière d'Aquitaine), several sets of original measurements were performed, including at the Aquitaine Museum.




Content analysis of Egyptian pottery.

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