Connectors for specialty fiber

Specialty optical fiber functionnalization is ALPhANOV's recognized know-how.

Couplers and combiners

Used in fiber laser sources, they can either distribute the optical power, or combine multiple beams.

Welding platform

To produce and characterize its components, ALPhANOV relies on a fleet of high-end systems.

Power endcaps

CO2 laser welding enables fixing endcaps capable of handling very high average powers.
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Fiber components

Interfacing and integrating specialty optical fibers in order to achieve compact components.






ALPhANOV has developed expertise around the interfacing and integration of specialty optical fibers such as rod-type, micro-structured, or hollow core fibers. It has developed a range of fiber components, such as pumps combiners, mode converters, connectorisation systems for micro-structured doped fibers, and endcaps capable of handling very high average powers, up to several kilowatts.


In the low power range, ALPhANOV can satisfy a wide gamut of requests for connectorization of fiber optic sensors, medical and industrial endoscopes.  It can also provide various optical fiber assemblies through its range of combiners, and fiber bundles.


Along with these components, now integrated into commercial laser sources, ALPhANOV also responds to specific needs in the functionalization of specialty optical fibers: tailored connectors and endcaps, welding or polishing services. ALPhANOV can also add optical functions at the tip of a fiber through prisms, lenses, orother optical components.


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1-to-3 high-power multimode fiber combiners

Specialty optical fiber endcaps

High-power & high-precision collimator

kW-class N+1>1 combiners

Optical fiber interfacing

A pool of high-end laser systems

  • Vytran GPX3400 splicing platform
  • 3SAE LDS splicing platform
  • CO2 laser splicer
  • Universal polishing machine for optical fibers
  • Vytran cleaving machine
  • Fujikura FSM-100P splicing machine
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